Desking provides an easy-to-use contracting platform directly integrated with inventory and leads to speed up system interaction from start to finish.

When your salespeople manage their clients through the leads program it’s just one click away to create a deal with all the customer and vehicle information previously entered, enabling customer details to pass cleanly from the inquiry to the final sale.


Print all the necessary forms for a deal with just one click. Your form packs will have the specific forms, quantity, and order you choose so you can go from printer to signing instantly. eliminates as many dot matrix forms as possible! In Colorado you just have three dot matrix forms to worry about and the rest are printed using a regular printer. This means we print all the forms for a finance deal in under two minutes!

One-click form pack printing. Integration

Since provides the free locator service we can build a direct integration so that when you click “get rates” in it will pull taxes from buyer’s address.

One-click integration for quick and accurate tax rate pulls.

Notes & Flags

Enter notes and attach flags to deals to figure out where they’re at in the sale and lending process. Detailed logs allow you to see what happened, when, and by whom. Filter by your flagged deals to narrow down the group of deals you need to work on now and which can be pushed off.

Customizable deal flags enable detailed filtering and information distribution across your dealership.

Payment Worksheets

Easily calculate and present payment estimates based off of term, cash down, and rate in an easy-to-read format for your clients. Build vehicle plan menus to present the monthly payment for the deal while including service contracts, GAP contracts, dent or wheel and tire protection programs, and more.


With detailed and customizable reporting you can delve deep into the finances of your dealership to determine anything from average turn time to penetration on an individual type of service contract.

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